Immediately following a biopsy most women feel fine and return immediately to their normal activities.

The biopsy site will be dressed with a “steri-strip.” This is simply a small piece of tape which closes the skin and should be allowed to fall off by itself. You may shower with the strip, but use care to pat the area dry afterward.

You will need a follow-up appointment with your doctor to inspect the biopsy site. Results from the biopsy are generally given to your doctor in 3 days.

Slight bruising from this procedure is common, but should heal within a few days. If bleeding should occur, hold direct pressure on the site for 15 minutes. If bleeding persists call our office immediately.

You will feel most comfortable wearing a tight-fitting bra for two or three days after the biopsy.

Take Tylenol or other mild pain medicine as needed. If within 24 hours of the procedure pain should worsen, or you should develop pain or swelling, contact us immediately.

You may return to your regular diet immediately following the procedure.

I am scheduled to have or recently have had a biopsy, what should I expect?
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