If you plan to visit our office as a new patient we will send you a new patient information packet in the mail or you may print it from the link on the left and bring it with you. If for some reason you do not receive this packet or are unable to complete the information ahead of time, please arrive at our office 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that you may complete this information.

If you have had imaging done of your breasts, such as a mammogram or ultrasound, you must bring your films with you to your appointment. Because it is important to observe the changes in your breasts over time, it is imperative that you obtain the most recent 3 years of images in addition to the must current images which have been made. If you are unable to do this or need assistance in locating these, please contact our office as soon as possible before your visit.

In some instances the doctor may wish to perform a biopsy. As a precaution we ask that you refrain from consuming blood thinning agents such as alcohol, ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E, garlic, ginseng, or ginkgo biloba. If you have a prescription for a blood thinning agent, please contact our office for special instruction. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is acceptable.

I am planning to visit as a new patient, is there anything I should do before-hand?
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